Mastering FC 24: Obtain Ángel Di María's Elite Player Card

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Discover the digital magnificence of Ángel Di María's TOTS Champions Plus card in FC 24, celebrating his exceptional on-field season with an outstanding 94 overall rating. Unlock this virtual powerhouse with impressive pace, shooting, and unmatchable passing and dribbling skills, t

Introduction About Ángel Di María

Ángel Fabián Di María, born on the 14th of February, 1988, is a distinguished Argentine footballer celebrated for his exceptional abilities as a right winger and attacking midfielder. Currently showcasing his talents at Benfica, a top-tier Primeira Liga club, and representing his national team, Di María's prowess on the field is characterized by his adept dribbling, strategic playmaking, and a unique flair for finishing. His journey in professional football began at Rosario Central, and it was his transfer to Benfica at the tender age of 19 that marked the start of his ascent to prominence.

Upon joining Benfica in 2007, Di María's impact was immediate and profound. He was instrumental in their conquest of the Primeira Liga after a five-year drought, and his contributions were pivotal in securing two Taça da Liga titles. His career trajectory continued upward with a high-profile transfer to Real Madrid in 2010, a move valued at €25 million. With the Spanish giants, he clinched a La Liga title and a UEFA Champions League victory, cementing his status as a formidable forward player. His time in Europe saw a British record transfer to Manchester United in 2014 and a subsequent move to Paris Saint-Germain, where he scored a plethora of goals, laid on countless assists, and collected an impressive array of domestic honors, including five league titles and multiple cup victories.

Internationally, Di María has worn the Argentine stripes with pride since 2007, beginning with the under-20 team and progressing to the senior squad a year later. His international career is decorated with significant achievements, including a pivotal role in Argentina's third World Cup victory in 2022, where he scored in the final, and a decisive goal in the 2021 Copa América final that ended Argentina's 28-year trophy drought. With over 130 caps, his contributions at four FIFA World Cups and nine major tournaments highlight Di María not just as a talented player, but as a dedicated servant to his national team, embodying the spirit and passion of Argentine football.

Ángel Di María's TOTS Champions Plus card

Ángel Di María's TOTS (Team of the Season) Champions Plus card is a testament to his exceptional season, boasting a Center Forward position with a remarkable overall rating of 94. The card highlights Di María's blistering pace at 92 and lethal shooting at 90, making him a nightmare for defenses. His near-perfect passing and dribbling, both at an astounding 98, allow for precision in creating plays and maintaining control under pressure. While his defensive rating stands at 59, it is his physicality at 80 that ensures he can hold his own in the battle for possession. This card encapsulates Di María's ability to be a sharp attacking force on the virtual pitch, capable of dismantling an opponent's defense with speed and skill, and seizing those critical moments to score goals and clinch victories in the game.

How to Obtain Ángel Di María's Player Card

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Fastest Ways to Earn FC 24 Coins

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